Installation Guidelines For Sheds Built On Site

For customers having their shed installed by Sheds Hawaii, please review the following guidelines to ensure a smooth shed installation on your property. These guidelines cover scheduling, site preparation and permitting for sheds installed by us.

This information is vital to a successful installation.

• Please verify your order and confirm it corresponds with what you have ordered. A responsible party must be on site throughout the installation. Stake site with flags provided. This gives you an opportunity to visualize the site.

• If you must postpone or cancel your installation, we need and appreciate at least 5 days notice.

• Installation dates may be postponed or rescheduled by the company due to weather or illness. We make every attempt to avoid this.

• Changes or additions to original order must be made at least five days prior to installation. Some changes may require the installation date to be rescheduled.

• The balance of payment is due the day the shed is built. We accept checks, Mastercard & Visa.  If you will be paying by credit card you must let us know in advance so that the charges can be processed before we arrive to build.

• Permits are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Please check with your local building department for all regulations.

• Site preparation: The area should be clear & level before we arrive to build. Allow an additional 2’ around the perimeter of the building size you have chosen as “work space.” Unprepared sites will result in an additional fee and/or the rescheduling of the installation. Reschedule fee is $100.

• Site condition: If site is not level a site survey should be completed before installation. The grade of the land can be deceiving. Be certain it is level. We offer site leveling and site work for a fee in certain areas. Fee will be determined after a site analysis.

• Shed ground site prep:
Ideal: crushed stone and sono tubes
Preferred: crushed stone base or sono tubes
Acceptable: concrete block provided
(Some building departments may require a specific method for building footings depending on the size of the structure.)

• Accessibility: Please let us know in advance if the site is not accessible by truck or is over 100’ from where we can locate the truck. There is an additional fee for sites over 100’.

• Electricity must be provided within 150’ from site. We offer a generator service for $50 if no power is available.

• Please be certain of the shed location you have chosen. We will not be responsible for relocation or structural changes once we start to build. Additional fees will apply for any changes at this point.

Thank you again for your purchase. We appreciate your business.

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Sheds Maui Permit Exemption

106.2 Work Exempt from Permit. A building permit shall not be required for the following:
 1. One-story detached accessory buildings used as tool storage shed, playhouses, and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 120 square feet