Finished Painted 12x16 Studio

$13,000.00 tax included for this 16'x12' Shed (8' interior wall,outside is 9')

Includes the foundation blocks and leveling,all materials,labor,delivery,clean-up and haul away


  • Lumber Package is treated doug fir by Honsador Lumber dipped in Honolulu for the best treatment available for lumber in Hawaii.
  • 4 PLYGEM WINDOWS(2 SH,2 XO Sliders)
  • 36" Door with glass.Front platform is additionally treated with wood preservative then painted.
  • 3'x2'  2 Vented Cupola with Hip Roof.
  • Hip Roof with 2x6 Bodyguard fascia primed then painted.  An additional 1x3 Primed Bodyguard trim is added for a roof drip-edge support.
  • LP SmartPanel 20 Year Siding
  • Kelleher BodyGuard 30 Year fascia, wall, window trims.
  • 30 year Architect 90 singles installed by- "Roofing By Dale"  with wall, step flashing on cupola walls.
  • 2x12 Floor joists doubled on 4 sides.3/4' T&G fastened utilizing glue. Simpson joist hangers on each member.
  • 4x4 post into a foundation block with straps block to joist through post for a continuous hold down into foundation.
  • 2x4 wall standard wall construction with 4x12 window and door headers.
  • 9' x 4' T1-11 LP SMART SIDE SIDING fastened with galvanized ring shank nail nail 6" O.C. on edges and 12" in the field.
  • 2x6 Rafters conventionally framed with 2x6 vented bird blocks from Maui Truss. Rafters are then hurricane clipped to the wall.
  • Painting and caulking is then provided by RZ Painting on all exterior surfaces including cupola, walls, eaves, bird blocks, rafter ends.
  • Bottom edges of the joists are additionally treated with wood preservative and primer on all outer edges and tops of the joists prior to 3/4" decking installation.
  • This is done to provide additional protection against rot and termite entry.


Welcome to Sheds Hawaii!

At Sheds Hawaii, we can quickly put a shed or other outbuilding on your property.

We can give you the best value for your dollar by prefabricating walls and hauling them to your site for rapid assembly and finishing.

We do distinctive, custom construction too!

For more information, give us a call at (808) 280-8990


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Fantastic Solar Shed -- Adaptable and Expandable


  • 32"w x 6'h door with locking knob Versatile solar shed
  • Base unit includes aluminum roof,
    tempered glass, windows, and four
    adjustable vents
  • 6' high eave wall
  • 9' high peak
  • Flexible design allows door
    installation on eave or gable side.
  • Expandable in four foot lengths.

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Sheds Maui Permit Exemption

106.2 Work Exempt from Permit. A building permit shall not be required for the following:
 1. One-story detached accessory buildings used as tool storage shed, playhouses, and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 120 square feet